Intelligent Buildings

Functional and responsive to the occupant’s needs.

Intelligent Buildings

Satisfy the aims of the organisation

Intelligent Buildings

Sustainable in terms of energy and water consumption

Intelligent Buildings

Healthy in terms of well-being for the people living and working within them.

Welcome to Newera Controls

Connect your business database to your building control system for a business driven control and reduce your energy costs by AT LEAST 30%

Access Control

Set up or modify access control systems without the need for specialist supplier intervention.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

For environment control automatically coordinated to avoid activating cooling and heating at the same time. A complete Building Energy Management System for control of plant and demand-side energy.

Smart Metering

Of heat, electricity, gas, and water enabling remote monitoring and reporting.

Integrated Automatic Metering & Targeting

of energy enabling security-conscious organisations to keep their data in-house and saving on third-party subscriptions

Humidity monitoring and control

In association with HVAC systems.

CO2 monitoring and control

In association with HVAC systems.

Ventilation Control

Demand-based fresh air ventilation control, reducing preheating and cooling costs.

Fault cause-and-effect analysis and reporting

Is included in all above products supporting and improving preventative maintenance strategies.

Lighting Control

From simple ON/OFF via presence detection or time control to the monitoring of SMART systems.

Our Approach

During recent decades manufacturers of established brand of Building Control System have continued to follow their original and therefore old way of building and selling their proprietary hardware into the market. 

Some of these solutions are mainly hardware with most of the functionalities provided by hardware; minimal software has been introduced in recent years to provide better Human to Machine interface.

Others are mainly built around Programmable Logic Controller (PLC); generic and programmable pieces of hardware designed to be applied to any control scenario, originally used in factory automation and process control.

A solution using a PLC is therefore expensive and complicated requiring specialist skill. This makes them expensive to adapt, configure, reconfigure for a changed scenario, operate and maintain.

A solution using a dedicated hardware box is inflexible and not scalable.

Both these approaches lock the solution into using control peripheral hardware (sensors and actuators) with fixed specification that suites the controller’s hardware inflexibility and characteristics.

But with the advent of the PC Newera Controls has changed the way building management and control is automated. Modern PC is an extremely powerful piece of hardware – Newera has tapped into this power.

Our solution is purely software effectively based on standard commodity product that can be procured from any source with a price that suites the solution provider. Newera GCS3000 runs in the real-time Linux environment with the PC as its core control engine. This creates a system that is fast, robust, scalable, flexible, expandable and cost-effective.

You no longer need expensive specialists to configure, commission, operate and maintain your building management system.

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