Case Studies

The demands of a new era – Henley Business School Case Study

Newera GCS software was used in Henley Business School in collaboration with the University of Reading in a pilot study on energy management in the Built Environment. The study was published by Cranfield University as a component of their Carbon Brainprint Study.

Newera GCS was installed on one MS Windows PC and one Linux PC and integrated into the University of Reading (“UoR”) intranet, enabling remote support by both Newera and UoR staff. The study demonstrated the following:-

  1. The control and AM&T functionality of the Newera GCS software using off-the-shelf sensors and actuators
  2. The seamless integration of data from the controls system and the business systems of the business school
  3. That Newera GCS can be installed and supported by IT Engineers without specialist controls expertise and used by non-technical operators.

Further information on Carbon Brainprint can be found here.

Our pilot study can be downloaded here